Innovation in Hearing Protection

Innovation in Hearing Protection

Pacific Ears Australia | Innovation in Hearing Protection

Most employers know that under law they are responsible to providing a range of protection, including hearing protection to their staff as part of their PPE.

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The Alternative Hearing Protectors

custom made hearing protectors

The Alternative Hearing Protectors: Certified, Affordable And Comfortable

Pacific Ears (and its subsidiary ACS Custom) Australia and New Zealand are companies dedicated to hearing conservation and  manufacturing of custom-fit products for hearing protection for (heavy) Industry, Aviation, Gun Sport, Military, Motor Sport and more.

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Hearing protection: the most underestimated health concern

Hearing protection

All-round hearing protection needs to reflect the demands of each job. Custom fit ear plugs with interchangeable filters are part of the mining equation.

In hearing protection, prevention is the only option. Hearing Loss is irreversible.

A lawyer by trade, Terry van Dijk has acquired a hearing protection company that supplies solutions to the Industrial sector but also to Sydney Opera musicians, Victorian Police and people in the motorsports industry

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Custom Hearing Protection for Motorbiking and Motorsports

Custom Hearing Protection for Motorbiking

About Pacific Ears and ACS

Pacific Ears (Australia) is an Australian based company dedicated to hearing conservation and the manufacture of custom-fit products for hearing protection and high quality audio. Pacific Ears is the sole license holder, manufacturer and supplier of the ACS Custom range in Australia.

The ACS PRO Series earplugs created a new era in level attenuating hearing protection. The PRO Series are vented to allow sound to pass both ways which means that remaining sound can escape directly through the filter providing one of the most natural sounding earplugs available.

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How to Choose The Right Hearing Protection 2

cost saving hearing protection

A guide for any Industry. How to Choose The Right Hearing Protection – (part 2)

Are you paying too much?

This is part 2 of a series on how to choose the right hearing protection as part of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and what things to consider. Over the next few weeks we will go into several different aspects to consider, such as noise levels, cost effectiveness, certification AS/NZS1270, comfort, attenuation, durability, type of noise (frequencies), and more. In part 1 we discussed noise levels. We will now go into cost effectiveness.

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