Need to keep your ears dry during swimming, surfing or taking a shower? Do you need peaceful night sleep?

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Everybody knows that you feel a different person after a good night's sleep. People that are awake at night are fatigued and have trouble functioning effectively the next day. A bad night’s sleep has numerous causes, but the number one preventable cause must be noise. Whether this is a snoring partner, road noise or daytime noise because you are a shift worker. Reducing these sounds will improve your shut-eye. Custom earplugs are the best way to improve your sleep pattern and increase your hours of much needed rest.


Living near the ocean or having a swimming pool or lake close by is wonderful as long as you can enjoy it. Many people struggle with water entering their ear canals and stay out of the water for that reason. That is such a pity as there is a simple solution. Custom made swimplugs will make sure no water enters your ears and conditions like exostosis or swimmer's ear don't get a chance. For people with grommets custom swimbuds will allow them to enjoy swimming or showering like normal.


In the shower
Medical reasons
Material: Floating silicone
Mould: Full shell
Colour: Red and/or blue


Shift workers
Partners of snoring people
Supersoft medical grade silicone
Mould: Comfortable canal mould
Colour: Clear or transparent Yellow
snoring sleep

Snoring partner

Swimming pool


For a solid night sleep choose our Sleepsound, which is very comfortable to sleep with. If you need to keep water out of your ears choose the Swimplug option.

  • Sleepsound
  • Swimplugs
sleepsound plugs

Even more comfortable than before! Softer material for more comfort. Available in a discreet clear colour or a transparent yellow which makes them easier to find when dark.

Many people have difficulty sleeping due either to their snoring partner, unnatural work pattern or because of living in a noisy environment and it can have very real consequences for your long term well-being. The Sleepsound is a custom mould especially designed for sleeping. It will reduce noise like snoring and traffic noise substantially while you are still able to hear the alarm clock and smoke alarm go off, which makes them safe to wear at any time. Unlike foam plugs these earplugs don't work their way out of your ears while sleeping, so you don't wake up in the middle of the night.

The concept of any custom made item is its individuality and uniqueness to its user. Sleepsound is no exception and user acceptance is very high, each pair being individually crafted under the strictest conditions from exact impressions of the users’ ears. Constructed from a very soft durable silicone, SleepSound is cut in such a way that it can be worn comfortably within the ear all night. SleepSound is produced in transparent yellow as standard.

*Please be aware that SleepSound is not guaranteed to reduce to ambient noise levels to any greater degree than a standard foam earplug. It will however offer greater comfort and fit. Laying with the ear on a pillow might affect the comfort.

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Swimplugs are custom moulded earpiece for swimmers and surfers or people with medical conditions, to keep the water out of their ears. It is made of soft high quality and anti bacterial medical grade silicone material, which is light enough to float on water reducing the chance you lose them.

They also come with a handy carry pouch for safe keeping. The swim plugs will keep water out of your ears. As they are custom made we can make them for all shapes of ears even if you already have a form of swimmer's ear or have grommets. Swimbuds come in two colours, bright red and blue and it is also possible to have the right ear in red and the left in blue for easy identification. This is especially handy for kids who purchase these earplugs often so they don't miss out at school swimming and other water based activities. 

If you are unsure what product to buy or need further product information before making your purchase, please contact Pacific Ears at

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