Swim plugs (Ear Plugs for Swimming)

With the weather warming up and the ocean and swimming pool looking very inviting, it is time to think about some protection. We have all heard about slip-slap-slop for your skin. But your ears might need protecting too from the harsh salty and chlorinated water.

Continued exposure to chlorinated water like from a swimming pool can affect your ears. So can exposure to salty sea water for prolonged periods.
Swimmer ear (Otitis Externa) and surfer’s ear (Existosis) is something you would like to try to avoid at all times.

Custom made swimming plugs are the best solution. They keep the water out of your ears, protect your ears and are very comfortable to wear.
Made of a floating material they are easy to find when you drop them when you put them in or take them out. The fit securely in your ears for hours of fun in the water.

Although solid earplugs attenuate sounds it is not possible with any custom made hearing protector to block out all sounds as sound also travels through eg the bone structure of your skull so you will still be able to hear, which keeps you safe in the water.

Swimplugs are ideal for people that need to keep their ears dry while swimming. No need to stay out of the sea and miss out of any fun. Just wear your earplugs.

These custom made earplugs are also suitable for children that swim often although their ears might change shape quicker than adults if they are going to use these swim plugs often it is well worth investing in a pair of these.

Swimplugs are available in red and blue.